Sales people need analytics, too!

Most companies have (or, at least, should have) a lead generation process which is normally analytics driven – at least in some level. But Sami wants to tell you why you shouldn’t overlook the sales people when developing the process.

“When creating or improving your lead generation process it’s easy to look at the numbers and system and implement something on behalf of your sales team.

A more effective approach is to actually directly involve your sales people in the creation of the process. These are the men and women who will use this process every day, and are best placed to offer feedback relating to real-life working scenarios and issues.

Engaging your sales staff with data and rationale behind decisions will also help them understand why certain systems, processes or tools have been chosen and what their benefits are. Ensure that you involve sales staff with the review and testing phases of implementing a new process, and make sure you collate, process, and act upon feedback from the team.

In my experience, it also helps to give your sales staff some basic training in analytics from a lead generation perspective. This not only helps with the understanding of why certain systems/processes are being suggested and picked and the data behind it, but also a greater insight in to the company and services offered as a whole – something that can help during the sales process itself.”

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