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If you have videos on your website, it’s highly recommended that you implement on-page mark-ups. Vivek has more details on how and why.

“To add further weight to your SEO value, you should ensure you employ on all your sites’ videos. is supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo!, and allows you to describe your videos and have that data indexed by the search engines and then have your videos show in search results.

By implementing this on your site, you can quickly and quite easily add to your SEO value, become more visible in search results, and improve your click-through rate (CTR). By telling the search engines the likes of the content via a description, length of the video, etc, you will add to, and increase, the knowledge graph of your website.

You’ll need to ensure that the mark-up is visible without any JavaScript or Flash running – find the full spec here, and test this on either a text-only browser (such as Lynx), or on a normal browser once you have confirmed that JavaScript and Flash have been disabled.

Add the mark-up directly to the HTML of the page on which the video resides. This cannot be viewed by any visitors, but will viewable to the likes of Google when it crawls your site for indexing information. Once you’ve provided all of the information, search engines will understand the video and its’ contents and this will help enhance its appearance within search results, and, hopefully, entice more people to click through.”

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