Screaming Frog SEO Spider v 5.0 update

September saw another big update from one of our favourite SEO spiders – Screaming Frog went from version 4.1 to 5.0, bringing with it some great new features. Vivek has all the latest information.

“Screaming Frog is my go-to SEO Spider – offering invaluable information during crawls and making my life a lot easier with its numerous features and ways of breaking down data that it finds.

A few weeks ago, a new update (5.0) rolled out with some key new features, including:

Google Search Analytics Integration. You now have the ability to link to the Google Search Analytics API via your Search Console profile and pull through information such as impressions, clicks, CTR and average position data.

View and audit URLs blocked by Robots.txt. You’re now able to view those URLs which have been disallowed by the rovots.txt protocol during a crawl. Those URLs will now appear with a status of ‘Blocked by Robots.txt’ and there’s also a filter under the ‘Responses Codes’ tab so you can break these out separately for review and analysis.

GA & SGC Not Matched report. This new report has replaced the ‘GA Not Matched’ report, and provides consolidated information on URLs discovered via the Google Search Analytics API, as well as the Google Analytics API, but were not discovered in crawls.

Configurable Accept-Language Header. You can now enable ‘Accept-Language Configuration’ and crawl local-adaptive content, with various language and region pairs.

There were also a number of other smaller updates and fixes across the product, continuing to make it even better. Check out the full list and further details on the key new features here.

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