Sequence segments in Google Analytics

Creating sequence segments within Google Analytics can offer you further insight into how your visitors are using your site. Mira is going to tell us how any why it’s a great idea to experiment with them.

A standard segment in GA will allow you to pick certain criteria such as ‘visitors from Helsinki who used an iPhone and landed on the front page’. By combining different criteria, you can get great insights in to your sites users. But sequence segmenting allows you to create segments not only by combining criteria, but also defining in which order your visitors did them.

For example, you could get a breakdown of all users who landed on a campaign page, then navigated to a product page and then visited your support page – in this order. You can also track what they did before and after the specific sequence.

You could also do things such as looking at visitors who have landed on instruction pages, but then moved on to support pages to better understand what kind of people are exhibiting this behaviour and possibly be able to better see which pages are working and which aren’t in relation to the visitor’s technical set up.

By utilising this feature in GA, you can get a new and much more precise angle on your analytics, leading to better understanding of how your visitors are using your site and how you can potentially improve it and conversions.”

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