Show additional callout text with your Google ads

Do you currently place ads with Google via AdWords? Do you wish there was just a bit more space for some key information you want your prospective customers to see? Well, Emil is here to talk about the new callout text that you can now place in your Google ads.

Callout text is a great new addition to Google ads that we now use with all of our clients. It allows us to place more detailed information about the client or their specific product right under the main ad title.

The callout text works almost as a sub-header and now allows us to place additional key information such as some kind of unique offer or promotion. For example, if you have an ad placed for your site you could now add callout text that shows you offer free shipping or 24-hour customer service. If you’re promoting a specific product with your ad, you could list the discount details or other special offer information. You can even customise the callout text when it’s being viewed on a mobile device, as well as disabling specific callouts on device types of your choice.

While this is still a new feature, additional ad space and copy is key, so I can see this being great for our clients. It’s free to add the callout text and you’re just charged by clicks to your ad as you normally would be. We can run different callout text on varying ads and then utilise AdWords and Google Analytics to look at which have been the most successful. This leads to great insight when planning future adverts and campaigns!”

If you like more information on Google’s new callout text within ads, or any information on advertising via AdWords you can refer to Google’s own support pages, or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to try and help.

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