A simple 4-point website analysis

Limited for time and/or resources, but need a website review to identify any key issues? Well, Janne swears by this high-level, time-saving review process….

Deep-dives on websites are time and resource consuming – and not always necessary. Sometimes a periodical high-level website review will help identify key issues in a lot less time and with a lot less effort. I use a methodology of four key points when doing any high-level review.

1. Identify the top 3 reasons for the website and its top 3 actions that you want to track and monitor. This will help you identify and prioritise areas to focus on and not get bogged down in all the data or side-tracked by other issues.

2. Identify how the business reason is being tracked. If your business reason for the site is conversions, ensure you have all the relevant pages, actions and events tagged and make sure you’re using an analytics tool that will then transfer this in to meaningful data for you. Tracking and monitoring your data is key.

3. Three key areas generally contribute to most goals – landing pages, traffic sources and attribution. Ensure these areas are optimised, tested and monitored accordingly.

4. Types of traffic – make sure you know how people access and view your site i.e. whether they use a desktop computer, a mobile or a tablet. This can help you then optimise your website for each, making sure that if you have visitors from mobile and tablet your site is responsive and load times are low.

Following these four points will give you a fast and dirty snapshot of your web business. It will help you identify key issues in a short time period and without having to do deep-dives.”

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