SuperMetrics with Moz and SEMrush

Quru is a fan of SuperMetrics – a tool which is now even more useful, with integration for SEMrush and Moz in to Google Sheets. Vivek has some more information.

“We use SuperMetrics to easily pull data from Google Analytics in to Google Sheets in a wide range of weird and wonderful combinations for analysis and reporting.

But, what a lot of other users don’t realise is that earlier in the year, SuperMetrics introduced integration for Moz and SEMrush – two of the most popular SEO and optimisation tools available.

Being able to import this data, along with all of the other integrations that already exist, can provide you with some valuable SEM/SEO insights from right inside Google Sheets. Some of the data that you can get via SuperMetrics includes;

Domains: search rankings, competitors in paid and organic search, ad copies.
Keywords: organic and paid results, ads, related keywords, keyword difficulty.
Backlinks: overall list, referring domains and IPs, backlinks by country.
Display ads by publisher and advertiser.

For those with a Moz account, it’s as easy as logging in to Super Metrics and just selecting Moz as the data source. If you want to use SEMrush, find your API key and input it in to the SuperMetrics when prompted (after selecting it from the data source list).”

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