Tag your on-site search engine for analytics

Are you using efficiently the analytics data from internal search functionality on your site? Or are you debating whether to implement a search feature on your site? Henry is here to tell us why you need to tag your search engine.

On-site search is a under-appreciated and undervalued feature. I see so many sites where it’s been implemented but then ignored and forgotten about. Many sites don’t even have an internal on-site search but definitely should.

If you tag your on-site search engine – which you most definitely should – it can lead to all kinds of data and insights. The queries that people type in the search field are direct feedback – these are the things that your visitors want to find and look at. Once you have your tagging set up you can track keywords that have been searched for – if you have on-site search and don’t do this, you’re failing and missing key opportunities.

Using the data from the on-site search will show you what your visitors want and need. This can then help with things such as site design, product placement, navigation and generating more conversions. If lots of visitors are searching for something and then clicking through to the page or product, it may be worthwhile placing a link of that page or product on the main page. Similarly, if visitors are searching for something but then not clicking through, it may indicate a problem with your on-site search engine itself, or even highlight a content opportunity if there haven’t actually been any results shown to the visitor.

Search data that you track and analyse can also be fed in to your site’s and company’s strategic and operational plans, such as investment in paid search and search engine optimisation. A real win for little up-front time/money investment.”

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