Tailoring your content for return visitors

Putting the time and effort into tailoring content for return visitors can not only help provide more conversions, but also provide great insights in to your visitors and their online habits. Janne is here to tell us more.

Tailoring content to repeat visitors is an exercise well worth the time and effort if done correctly.

By utilising the cookie stored on each persons’ computer, you can identify those that have previously visited your site and target them with specific content in order to make them more likely to convert.

As an example you could have a standard landing page with a soft and non-invasive call to action. This could be presented to first-time visitors, prompting them to learn more about your product or service.

But when a visitor returns, the site identifies them by the cookie on their device and they could be presented a more direct call to action via some dynamic text which could appear slightly larger on the page or a dynamic banner on the page.

As well as offering the opportunity to present different visitors with different messages, the return visitors’ data can also be collated and viewed via a segment in your analytics tools. This can help show what is and isn’t working with the return visitor content, what other content these visitors are looking at, and can also assist in providing data that will make it easier to target further marketing ads on the web.”

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