Tell your analytics like a story

You don’t want to bore clients and stakeholders with ‘data pukes’ and technical data and terms. Steve has some tips on how to make your reporting and presentations that bit more interesting.

“When receiving a report or presentation, few things are more boring than having a load of tables, numbers, charts and graphs put in front of you.

Churning out data means little to a business without context. Every statement you make should have a real-world scenario or context so that clients and stakeholders can really see how it directly effects their business. This allows for better understanding and visualisation from non-techy people, and still makes it that much easier to grasp and take in for those that are from a technical background.

Try describing your data as a story. Tell the client in plain English (or language of your/their choice) what was happening, what you’ve observed and how that relates to and impacts the business, and recommendations with clear goals and values for the business.

Telling an analytics story

Above are two statements explaining the same data-set from Google Analytics. One of them is a ‘data puke’ and the other is explaining the same data but in a manner which is important to the business with a clear call to action, while being in an understandable language for the stakeholders.

Once you’ve delivered your report or presentation, if you have to re-explain something, you’ve probably not explained it simply enough in the first place. When preparing your report or presentation – simplify, simplify, simplify.”

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