Test all mobile use cases on your website

We talk a lot about mobile, mobile traffic, mobile responsiveness, but Henry is here to tell us why we still need to pay more attention to mobile.

“’Mobile’ is still a buzzword that is bandied about by companies. But in reality it’s still not a top priority for a lot of businesses.

Just having a responsive site is no longer enough to improve the user experience and get ahead of competitors (as Matias has previously pointed out). Spend some quality time looking back at mobile usage on your site. A steady stream or an increase in mobile usage is an indication that you should be continually developing your site.

While responsiveness makes a site work and look good on a mobile it may not ensure every single feature works perfectly. Use your own mobile devices (of all kinds) to test how the site works and whether features are compatible. For example, I regularly see sites that have moved to responsiveness but this effects the checkout process – fields not rendering properly, information not being able to be entered etc.

A/B test as much of your site and processes as possible. This will show you what visitors are actually doing and what works for them (even across different device types and sizes). Another area to A/B test is mobile advertising – look at different locations and placements of ads and see which convert better – mobile screens are obviously much smaller that desktops, so the size and placement of ads can make a big difference.”

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