Testing your tagging

Ensuring that your site is tagged correctly and that your tags work is key to making sure you’re getting the best data possible. Henry is here to tell us why it’s so important and what can happen if it’s not done correctly.

“Testing your tagging implementation is key to making sure you have all the relevant working tags in place and that you’re receiving all the data you need and want.

You should obviously thoroughly test your tagging and the data that’s output in your tracking and analytics tools when it’s initially set up. After that I always recommend systematically testing your set-up at least once a quarter if possible.

Whether you’re able to perform regular testing or not, you should also at least set up automatic alerts within your analytics tool (if it contains this functionality). Setting up alerts against key metrics such as visits, page views and unique visitors will allow you to be notified in real-time should there be a large fluctuation in the data – this could be an indication of an issue with the site, server, or even the tags themselves if they no longer work correctly.

You should also ensure that you review and re-test your tagging when you make changes to your site, pages and content where tags are present. “

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