Time to embrace Bing Ads

If you’re currently advertising using Google Adwords, now might be a great time to try out Bing Ads. Mikko is going to tell us why it’s such a great idea.

“Google Adwords is the dominant player in the online advertising space, but Microsoft is making a comeback with Bing Ads. Microsoft is really beginning to focus on its ad network – this means an easier-to-use and more effective Bing Ads. If you’re currently running Google Adwords, you should definitely consider utilising some of your advertising budget to at least try out Bing Ads.

The key wins I’ve seen so far include:

It’s not as difficult or as time consuming as you would thing to create your campaigns. Previously you would need to recreate all of your ad details with large, time consuming CSV files, but this is no more. You can now easily export data from Adwords and then use the Bing Ads import tool to upload and duplicate the ads and all of their details (which you can then tweak individually if required).

– While volumes are lower (but increasing), we’re currently seeing higher CTR rates and lower CPC/PPC costs (when compared to Adwords). A real win if your analytics shows your visitors are Bing, Yahoo or MSN search and network users.

– The lower CPC that we’re currently seeing, means that it’s currently a cost-effective solution to try out. Obviously, as the network grows, the prices will begin to increase – so now is a great time to jump on board and try it out! When discussing new development points with clients, Bing Ads is currently always on the list. So add it to yours and give it a go.”


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