Track ad clicks with Google’s ValueTrack

An easy way to track your ads, their performance, and ROI, is essential to understanding what works and where. But managing and tracking numerous ads can be difficult. Well, Tuomo may have a great solution to make things slightly easier.

“ValueTrack is a tool from Google that allows you to track clicks from your ads to the landing page URLs.

Varied tracking values can be appended to URLs which allows for the collection of additional data about the source of the ad click, and this data can be used to analyse and understand the performance of your campaigns and assist with insights in to costs and ROI.

ValueTrack parameters can be added to your ad’s landing page URL, and when someone clicks your ad, ValueTrack will record the parameter details, and this data can then be viewed in your analytics tool of choice.

ValueTrack URL parameters can be set up at a number of levels, including at account level, ad, sitelink, ad group, and keyword or auto-target level. Some parameters can also be used with an “IF” function, and URLs can contain multiple parameters as long as you include a label for each and separate each accordingly e.g.{matchtype}&keyword={keyword}

To fit with your own tracking and data requirements and goals, there are a number of ValueTrack parameters, such as standard (campaigned, adgroupid, etc), tracking template (lpurl, escapedlpurl), destination/final/tracking/custom (matchtype, placement, ifmobile:[value], etc), sitelink extentions (copy:[name]) and shopping (adtype, merchant_id, product_id, etc).

To find out about all of the available parameters, how to set them up, and how they can help your business and analytics, have a look at the detailed support page from Google.”

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