Track your outbound links

You may think that once someone leaves your site, that’s the end of your tracking and analytics. Well, Tuomo is here to tell us why you should be tracking where people are going and how this can help improve your site.

Tracking the outbound links on your site is just as important as tracking the internal links and user paths across your site.

By tracking your outbound links you can clearly see where people are going once they click a link and leave your site. This can help you identify what external content is popular and can help you in deciding where to place certain links to other sites and content. This is also important if you are an affiliate to another site or product – you can now track who has gone to that site and by which specific link, enabling you to calculate and monitor affiliate revenue.

The tracking out outbound links does not come as ‘out of the box’ within Google Analytics, it can be set up using Events. You can use the likes of Google Tag Manager to tag outbound links and then follow them within the Events reporting section of GA. The likes of SiteCatalyst can actually be configured directly to track outbound links. Instructions for Google can be found here and for SiteCat here.”

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