Track with analytics what is copied from your site

Did you know you can tag your websites so that you can track what content people copy – the ctrl+c kind of copy? – I certainly didn’t! Matias is here to tell us why it may be worth you doing this on your site.

“Something that not a lot of people know is that you can set up tags on your website pages that will actually trigger events in to your analytics to show when someone copies something – whether that be an address, some content, a picture, etc.

The copy action can be added as an event to your sites with, for example, the page as the action parameter and the copied text as the label. By doing this, you can see what information people actually find important enough to copy, take away, and paste elsewhere. You could see that people are regularly looking for your address, price lists, product information, or contact information.

By combining this with other analytics data, you can see what paths people take to get to this information and where they go and what they do afterwards. This could help you in making decision regarding your site layout and how content and information is found and accessed. It could indicate that it may be worth making certain information more prominent so that people can find it more easily.”

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