Use analytics to track your page loading times

Your page and content load times can greatly effect a user’s experience on your site. Tuomo has some great tips on what you should be looking at on your site to help speed things up.

“Within Google Analytics you can track user timings, including for specific aspects of the site and by a certain user type.

Variables on the back-end of the site can be picked up by GA and used to measure times in milliseconds. At a high level you can use GA to monitor load and render speeds on the pages of your site – you can access these reports by going to the Reporting tab > Behaviour > Site Speed. You can also get right in to the detail and measure things such as 3rd party library loading times by utilising JavaScript.

Within the Site Speed reporting section you can also get speed suggestions. GA will analyse your pages, give you average load times and suggest actions to perform which may help reduce loading time for visitors.

By utilising the Site Speed reporting, you can identify issues such as geographical – users in a certain location may have trouble loading the page due to bandwidth limitations – or issues with certain devices, thereby allowing you to update the site accordingly to improve those users experience.”

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