Troubleshooting post-migration web traffic issues

Vivek spotted some anomalies in a clients’ web traffic following a site migration and restructure. Because we use analytics tools to monitor how our clients are doing, we noticed some issues and acted. Here’s what Vivek did…

“A client had recently undergone a site migration with which we’d helped with some of the analysis. I noticed a problem with their traffic numbers and decided to investigate a bit further.

While I would expect a change in numbers due to the restructure and consolidation of some pages, these numbers seemed too low. Upon further investigation I found that during the migration the robots.txt information was broken. This resulted in some pages being indexed incorrectly by search engines and not showing properly within the search results.

I’ve since contacted the client with this information, along with some data on their keywords and backlinks. We’re hopeful that their SEO team will review these and implement the suggestions. This should get their website back on-track and where it should be.”

If you’re going through, or have gone through, a site migration or restructure, have you checked all of your robots.txt and back-link data? If you’d like some information on what you should be checking and how you can fix issues and errors, get in touch and we’ll help you out. Or, if you’d like to discuss any other such ideas or tools, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you.
Email: or Phone: +358 503 478 635

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