Upload your refund details into Google Analytics

Mira Mäkiranta

Mira Mäkiranta

If you’re selling products online, you will definitely want to manage and monitor your refund information. Mira is here to tell us why this is important and how you can easily get that information in to Google Analytics.

“If you’re using Enhanced Ecommerce, there’s a fairly easy way to upload and manage your businesses refund data. Within Google Analytics there is a Management API. From here you can upload simple CSV file with your data. Within the Management API area, create your data set by selecting Refund Data as the type and give it a name such as Acme Co Refund Data. The schema can be manually configured if you want to specify certain information, otherwise the default schema will be generated for you to fill in.

The Transaction ID is mandatory, while the other information: Product SKU, Product Price, Quantity Refunded and Revenue, are all optional fields. Once your data has been entered and verified (ensure you perform a review as refund data cannot be deleted once uploaded), upload it via the Management API.

Once uploaded, the information will be available (within 24 hours) in the Ecommerce reports within the main Reporting section of GA. Utilising this information can give you insight in to how specific products perform and their return rates, which campaigns resulted to most refunds, the impact of refunds on your business and the cost impact, and will ultimately give you much more accurate ecommerce numbers for your analytics and reporting.”

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