Use AWR Cloud for web ranking without proxies

AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) has recently introduced a new cloud-based service. Vivek is here to tell us why he’s now using this instead of the desktop version.

“AWR allows you to track web-based ranking for your site, campaigns and keywords, and allows for on-demand and scheduled updates, as well as various reporting functions.

I work with clients and websites that are based in various countries around the world, and therefore when I’m looking at rankings and comparisons I need to do it in differing localities for each client/site, i.e. Client 1 may be based in Finland, whereas Client 2 is in the UK, and Client 3 is in the US – and each time I switch between client, I also need to switch the locality of the data I’m looking at. The older desktop version of AWR allowed you to switch between countries, but in order to access all of the comparison data you would need to connect via a proxy – ultimately masking your current location and making it look as if you are within the country of that whose data you’re looking at – a time consuming process to say the least.

But now with AWR Cloud, there is no longer any need for to deal with proxies. As the data is pushed and pulled through a cloud service and not directly to/from your own device, it will automatically adjust to work within the locality of your client and the data you’re pulling. A real time-saver and better all-round user experience!”

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