Use Keyword Planner to sanity check your terminology

Most people who use AdWords are well aware of keyword research and planning, but content creators and those new to the business may not be aware of some of the basic, but essential, things you can and should do in AdWords when it comes to keywords. Matias gives us an example.

The keyword planning tool is a free part of Google AdWords and it is easy to use. It’ll give you a basic insight in to keywords and their search volumes. It can be very useful for those writing content for the website.

Using it will show what words your people really are using to search – this is key information on what you should show on your own site. It’s a great tool to get you started with your content planning and SEO even if you are not doing any search engine marketing.

While it’s a basic tool, it can also be used by experienced users. Something to remember is that in our own business worlds we all have our own jargon and assumptions of what we think people are using to search for our sites, but these assumptions aren’t always correct. Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics.

An example from the insurance business: In Finland we have this thing called ‘ajoneuvovakuutus’. This is the formal term for insurance that you have to take out on a vehicle that you own and translates in English to ‘vehicle insurance’. But in the real world, people don’t search for ‘vehicle insurance’, they search with terms such as ’car insurance’ (autovakuutus). So even though you wold actually sell ‘ajoneuvovakuutus’, it’s not the word that you should be optimizing for on your site or in your ads if you want people to see you in search results. There just isn’t any search volume, no matter how right the term might be.”

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