Use SEMrush for keyword and competitor research

Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson

Steve’s got a favourite tool when carrying out competitor or keyword research – SEM Rush. He’s here to tell us why he recommends it and what it could do for you and your business.

“If you want to see what keywords your competitors are using and bidding on for their ads, then SEM Rush is the tool for you.

As well as showing how your own site and keywords rank, it will also show those in your industry and even specific competitors if you add them, allowing you to track the competitors’ keyword usage and performance. This can provide vital insights into how you’re performing compared to others in your industry, as well as offering potential insights into new keywords to use.

You can add your keyword list in to SEM Rush and it will search for related keywords. Amongst these could well be words you weren’t aware of or hadn’t thought of that your competitors are using. From here you could utilise them for new campaigns and bid on them accordingly.

Google Analytics doesn’t offer a great amount of data for organic keywords, so utilising SEM Rush in combination with the likes of GA, or whichever analytics tool(s) you use, will give you the data you need to monitor and improve your rankings, and hopefully keep you one step ahead of your competitors.”

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