Use unique and descriptive anchor texts

If you have any kind of links on your website, you’ll have anchor text. And if you have anchor text, you need to ensure it’s unique and descriptive. Vivek is going to tell us why.

Anchor text is the visible and clickable text that shows when a link is present – in a lot of cases, it shows as blue text on a webpage and is also sometimes underlined so that it stands out.

The visible text should inform people as to what the link is about while enticing them to click it. By doing this you can potentially improve your CTR as well as make the link ‘relevant’ which is taken in to account by search engines when ranking pages.

Anchor text can vary, ranging from an article or editorial piece to an internal site link to another section. But, no matter where the link points, it should be treated accordingly.

As an example, we’ll use our own Quru Tips page. The URL for this is < that doesn’t look particularly good and is in no way informative. So if we were using this link for simple navigation we would change it to Quru Tips with the URL hidden behind the text. But if we’re talking about the page we could use Quru Tips – Quru’s daily tips on all things relating to analytics, SEO, and marketing.

Utilising some custom text allows us to display whatever text we want, and also give further information (where required) to provide the visitor with some background on what the link is about. You can also incorporate key words in to the anchor text which has a good chance in helping improve search result rankingsbut don’t overdo it – if there are too many inbound links to a page with the same keywords in the anchors texts, search engine providers (such as Google) will take a closer look at the site and its link profile and could penalise those using manipulative methods.”

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