Using localised webmaster tools

Henry is used to dealing with clients and sites that operate all over the world, and over the years he’s picked up this top tip on making sure you’re getting full sight over your traffic and potential problems with the different Search Engines that are available to users.

“In Europe we tend to default our Search Engine thoughts to Google and Bing/Yahoo! But it’s imperative to remember that there are other very dominant players in non-English speaking markets, even bordering parts of Europe.

I’ve previously managed clients, who are normally concentrated in Europe or the US, that have sites in the likes of Russia that would see drops in traffic. When looking at traffic sources and channels I would regularly find that the clients did not have webmaster accounts for some of the other key Search Engines in those regions – Yandex in Russia, or Baidu in China, for example.

When working in a differing locations, it’s important to make sure you have every tool possible which will enable you to get the best information on Search-user behavior and site management and insight. As I have previously experienced, it can also lead to unexpected discoveries, such as finding out that the site has certain penalties associated to it – this can then give you some great insight around your numbers and as to how and why they may be fluctuating.

When setting up ‘standard’ webmaster accounts, ensure you’ve done your research on the local market and other alternatives that are available to people in those other regions. While you’ll obviously get better overall information and insight, you’ll also have other analysis tools and feature sets at your disposal – each webmaster site offers something slightly different, so it’s good to have all the options available for collating, compiling and analysing your data.”

If you’re looking to create sites or expand your business in to new markets, or are already in varying markets, and want to know how to best get as much insight as possible, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to try and help you. 

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