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Emil Siniketo

Emil Siniketo

Google Trends is an under-utilised tool that Google provides for free. Google Trends has just got its first update since 2012, so Emil is here to tell us more about it and how it may help you and your marketing.

“Google Trends provides historic and real-time data based upon keywords or search terms, allowing for the resulting data to be filtered and sorted by things like country, date and time ranges, categories, and different search types.

Results can be broken down to show the variances across periods of time, regions, countries or cities, and can be tied to related searches, showing the top topics and queries, as well as rising/trending topics and queries.

All of this data can be a great asset if you want to perform some high-level keyword research, or see how certain brands and companies are faring in terms of search around the world. One quick look at the data provided can provide an insight in to the previous performance of certain keywords and search terms and allow for some educated and calculated risks to be taken.

As a high-level example, below are the results for ‘ground coffee’ and ‘instant coffee’ from 2004 to date, across the world. The letters included on the graph mark points where the search term(s) have been significantly featured in news headlines. A forecast (up to 1 year in advance) can also be included.

Google Trends - instant vs ground coffee

We can also view the top related search terms and queries, which can also help with keyword research and show specific search terms which are rising in popularity.

Google Trends ground coffee top queries
Google Trends ground coffee rising queries

Head over to the Google Trends page to try it out yourself, or have a read of Google’s latest blog post to find out more information about Google Trends and how it’s currently being used in real-world scenarios across the globe.”

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Emil Siniketo

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