Utilising Facebook’s Audience Insights

Utilising Audience Insights is key to understanding your audience and who to target with your ads. Here’s why…

“The Audience Insight feature in Facebook allows you get to know the people that matter to your business and understand what matters to them. Knowing what your audiences’ interests, behaviours and locations can help you create ads and messages that will mean more to them and help improve your conversions.

Using the data from your own page and ad analytics, you can create an audience to look at. This includes country/region/city, age and gender, interests, connections and pages they like. If you’re looking to move in to a new market area, you can use this area to define your potential new audience to find out more about them.

The results will show you a breakdown of the demographic you selected, including how this compares to everyone else on Facebook. You can then explore your audience by demographics, page likes, location, activity, household (US only) and purchase (US only) sub-categories. Selected and defined audience parameters and searches can be saved from the main dashboard for future use.

Once you’ve defined and analysed your audience, you can create an ad from right in the dashboard (top-right of the screen) and pull through the parameters you’ve previously defined, making your ad creation an even easier process.

As a high-level example, if my colleague wanted to promote his podcast, he could define his general audience parameters (that he knows from his Facebook page and website analytics), and the result will show who to potentially target the ad at – in this case it would be 18-45 men who like the Pages IFK Helsinki, Helsingin Jokerit, Docventures etc. Decisions on who to specifically target can be based upon the relevance indicator, the audience number and the Affinity ranking.”

FB Audience Insights

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