Utilising NCA content to improve your site

Do you need new content to help improve your site, but don’t want to incur the wrath of the search engines for using duplicate content? Vivek may be able to help…

Search engines will penalise you, very heavily at times, if you’re found to be using duplicate content to bolster your website and ultimately its ranking and performance within the search engines – and rightly so.

But you can use great ‘duplicate’ content to improve your site while not contravening any search engine terms and conditions.

NCA (no central authority) content is content that can’t be owned by a specific site. A couple of examples of this would be song lyrics and recipes. If your site focused on homeware, cooking or food, using the likes of recipes would be a great way to add content to your site, and hopefully improve your site performance and ranking within search engines.

Recipes are instructions containing a combination of ingredients to be mixed and cooked in specific way – a process – a process which anyone can carry out – and therefore can’t be ‘owned’ by any one person or site. That means it’s not classed as duplicate content by search engines.”

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