XML sitemap generator

Producing a sitemap need not be an arduous task. Vivek has some tips on sitemap generators he’s going to tell us.

“Your sitemap is a file which contains all of your sites’ URLs, their content, and how they link together, so that search engines can easily crawl, index and list them accordingly, making them searchable to the general public.

It’s recommended that you use an XML sitemap, as opposed to a HTML one, as this will be accessible to all search engines. The XML sitemap is not visible to users, but will exist on the site so that search engines can easily find and access it, and understand the content more easily. A further benefit to having an XML sitemap over a HTML one is that with XML you can have sitemaps within sitemaps – this helps search engines understand the hierarchy and link importance better.

There’s numerous free and paid XML sitemap generators out there, but one I’ve been using recently is XML-Sitemaps. Enter your site details and any required criteria, press ‘Start’ and you’re done. A sitemap will be generated (a map for our own Quru.fi site, including the blog and tips, took approx. 3 minutes), and you can then download it in the format of your choice.

Once you have your sitemap, you can access your webmaster tools, go to your Sitemap section, and upload the file. This is an SEO best practice and takes all of a few minutes to do, so there’s absolutely no reason not to.”

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