The standard Facebook ad set can help drive traffic to your Facebook page, site, or campaign, but you can also utilise it generate leads from customer sign ups and data. Emil has some more info on how to do this.

Lead generation is now even easier on Facebook with Leads Ads. Facebook’s Power Editor now makes it quick and simple to create an ad and formset to collect details from prospects who wish to give their information.

From Power Editor, select ‘Create Campaign’, and from the Objective field within the campaign details, select Lead Generation from the drop-down list (note: this can only be used with a buying type of auction at present).

You can now continue to create your ad as you normally would. As you continue through the process, you’ll be presented with a Lead Form option. Here you can create your lead form (or select an existing one if you’ve previously used this ad option).

Here you can specify what information you’d like to collect from users. Pre-defined option will automatically pull the info from the users’ Facebook details, and additional custom questions will require the user to manually fill the information in.

You’ll then need to add a link to your sites’ privacy policy as well as any other disclaimers, and then your websites’ address so users have the option to click through to it … and you’re done!

By targeting this ad during the creation process, you can increase your chances of those users seeing it and filling it in being real business prospects and ideal users to market to via email or further targeted ads (based on the information you’ve collected).”