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In order to optimise and improve your site and visitors’ experiences, you need to know how people are actually using the site. Riikka has some great information on how to utilise VWO to easily get this information.

“VWO is a testing tool we use and have recommended in the past. We’d normally use it to run and analyse A/B tests on our clients’ sites. But VWO can do a lot more than that.

With Visitor Behaviour Analysis from VWO, you can see, in detail, how visitors are really using the site and different pages, and gain valuable insights in to what is and isn’t working on the pages from this data. This can then be utilised when testing new features, designs, layout and copy, as well as when implementing new functionality or content on the site.

VWO’s Visitor Behaviour Analysis comes in three distinct parts:

  • Heatmaps – see where visitors gravitate to and click on the site. This includes across platforms and devices, clicks on hidden elements like menu options, scroll maps, and even add segments to see how different types of users behave on the site.
  • Visitor Recordings – Target a URL or the whole site and record the interactions that happen from specific users, including at scheduled/specified times, add annotations to videos, easily find custom events, amend the speed of playback and download session for further playback and analysis.
  • Form Analysis – See exactly what is slowing down form fills and where visitors drop out via a funnel report and field-level stats, as well as the ability to track dynamic forms/fields, filter by date and visualise your data with graphs and drop-off recordings.

For more detailed information and examples of each of the features, check out VWO’s website.

Note: Not all features mentioned above are currently available, but are listed by VWO as ‘coming soon’. Please see the VWO website for specific feature availability.”