Earlier this year we talked about the new update and features Google released for AdWords Editor. Well, Google has recently released a further update. Emil is going to tell us about some of the new features you can find in version 11.1.2.

The new version of AdWords Editor which came out late 2014/early 2015 (v11.0) was a big update and had some great new features. But the recently released 11.1.2 introduces a number of other brand new features.

Labels – You can now add labels to your campaigns, making them easy to categorise by keyword(s), group, and even easier to then find. You can add, edit and remove labels for campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads, as well as filter by them in the respective view.
Upgraded URLs – Support for upgraded URLs has been added. You need to have switched over to this new service by 1st July, and it will allow you to manage your URLS and tracking templates at scale and with ease.
Call-only ads – Create and manage call-only ads within the AdWords Editor, making it easier for your mobile customers to contact you.
Ads in mobile apps – You can now select to show your ads in apps by going to “Keywords and targeting” and by then choosing certain categories of apps, specific apps (or placements) and mobile app categories (such as ‘games’ or ‘shopping’).
Parental status and custom affinities on the GDN – You can now target ads across the Google Display Network (GDN) by parental status in addition to the existing demographic targeting, meaning you can now target those with or without children (should you wish to).

There’s also various other improvements, including to the search bar, localisation support, and enhancements to the overall UI and navigation.”

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