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If you’re an iOS user and need to be kept up-to-date and in control of your Google AdWords account, you’re in luck! Google has recently released an iOS app version of AdWords (for both iPhone and iPad). Emil has some more details.

“The new iOS AdWords app works in the same way as the Android version – it works alongside the desktop version of AdWords, supplementing the experience and allowing you to monitor your data and control your account while on the go.

At a high level, the app allows you to do a number of key things, such as; view campaign stats, update bids and budgets, monitor billing, make changes to your account, get real-time alerts and notifications, act on in-app suggestions to improve your campaigns, and even directly call a Google expert with questions and queries.

Swiping right from the left edge of the device will show you your menu where you can access the various options to monitor and update your campaigns.

Google AdWords on iOS

Google AdWords on iOS

Amongst the features you can view old and new campaigns including data such as budgets, clicks, impressions, average CPC, cost, CTR, average position, conversions, and cost/conversion. Opportunities will also present suggestions on how to improve and optimise your campaign, such as raising bids etc and view the selected metrics performance over a certain time period.

You can get real-time alerts and push notifications to your device to let you know when something changes or when something needs your attention. In some localities you can also access the Help section and call directly to Google to get assistance with your campaigns or account. In areas where this isn’t available, you will still have an email option as well as a number of FAQs to assist you.

For more information and an overview on how to use the app, check out Google AdWords’ YouTube video below. Existing AdWords account holders can download the AdWords app for free from the App Store.”