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Unique Events is dead. Long love Unique Events (NEW)! Mira tells us what you can expect to now see in GA.

“If you haven’t recently logged in to your GA account, next time you do, you’ll be advised that the Unique Events metric is no more and has been deprecated. So what so we have now?


Now we have a new metric – Unique Dimension Combination – which returns the same results as the deprecated Unique Events. We also have a new Unique Events, imaginatively named Unique Events (NEW) (!), which returns different data.

Unique Dimension Combinations

Very simply, this new metric is the same as the old Unique Events metric. You should use this metric if you want to know if an event occurred on a page, ignoring different event category, action and label combinations.

Unique Events (NEW)

This metric will take all event dimensions in to account. You should use this metric to see how many unique event combinations occurred on a page.

Get a more detailed breakdown of the changes over at The Marketing Technologist .”