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We at Quru are all about analytics and measurement. We are constantly seeking new, productive and faster ways to help our clients to be more productive and efficient in their businesses. Changes in our personnel over the past few months have been part of our roadmap to creating new products to assist our clients. Using the power of data APIs we will bring new and exciting products to the market and the first of these is our brand new Google Analytics User Management System.

Companies can consist of hundreds or even thousands of employees, line managers and directors all accessing Google Analytics. It is a time-consuming and unproductive administration process to keep up with the access rights to Google Analytics accounts, properties and profiles/views. What if you could delete or change employee access rights with just couple clicks in one system?

Now it is possible with Quru’s User Management.

Modify user permissions

If you consider a client with more than 200 separate accounts, properties and profiles, this would require you to check each one separately to modify, add or remove their rights when using the existing system provided by Google’s management. The power of API (Application Programming Interface) allows us to make all required changes in one simple click, leaving Quru to do all the hard work for you.

In a situation when an employee leaves a company, it would be great to remove all access in one swift move. That is the when the kill switch feature becomes very useful.

Kill switch

Additionally, we also had to consider that employees don’t always use a Google account that is easily identified as being associated with them. There is always that one person in the hierarchy using that you have no idea who it is. To get around this problem, we introduced the user alias feature which allows you to name each account making it easier to manage.

Additional search and filtering features have also been introduced for quick navigation of your data and we are open to introducing new features on request.

The bottom line:

Using Quru’s Google Analytics User Management System will save you hours of administration work!

Add new user

Access to the user management system is available to all, contact Vilma Järvinen (accounts) or Clinton Deacon (CTO)  to get access today.