Google recently announced some enhancements to its ad display network (GDN – Google Display Network), including a change to its CPM pricing model. Hentu has more information.

“Even by Google’s own admission, most display ads – about 56%  – are never actually viewed. This is normally due to the fact they’re scrolled past, below the page fold or in a background tab.

Previously, some of these un-seen ads would be counted as impressions (having been loaded on a page but remaining un-viewed), but this is no longer the case as Google updates its GDN to become one of the only media platforms to charge advertisers only for ads that are actually viewable by a user.

Throughout the end of 2015, all campaigns that buy on a CPM basis will be upgraded to the new viewable CPM (vCPM) method of impressions, costings and charging. This follows on from Google’s recent work on viewability issues and the fact that last year it didn’t charge advertisers for 70 billion impressions that weren’t actually seen as it looked to improve its experience and processes.

‘Viewable’ ads are now defined as those on-screen for at least one second for display and two seconds for videos. Once you’re moved over to the new vCPM, review and adjust your bids accordingly in order to stay competitive for those viewable impressions you want.

This means that your media and marketing money will be spent where it really matters and where it has the most impact.”