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The roll-out of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) continues, with it now prioritising AMP-based news articles. Vivek has the latest news.

“Google is continuing its’ push to speed up the web with new AMP integrations and preference to AMP-based pages in its’ Search results . A further step was announced this week – the AMPlification of News on mobile web, iOS and Android.

Google is now giving higher placement to articles in Google News that come from publishers who are using AMP. As per the Search results, Google will now show a carousel that will promote AMP-based articles at the top of Google News, containing up to 14 of the latest headlines and stories that can be loaded and viewed almost instantly.

An AMP-based article will be indicated by a small lightning bolt icon and “AMP”, allowing users to easily identify the faster-loading content, and hopefully prompting those publishers who are yet to adopt AMP to sign up.


If you’re a publisher, a publishing platform, or a content creator yourself, now is definitely the time to sign up to AMP and Facebook’s equivalent Instant Articles and ensure your content is super-fast, more appealing to content consumers, and features as prominently as possible when appearing in Search results etc as AMP is integrated in to more channels and platforms.


The AMP-focused Google News is currently rolling out in English U.S. at the moment, with more languages, localities and additions to come soon.”

Image credit: Google News Blogspot