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There’s no excuse not to A/B test your content, CTAs, site design, copy, and everything else on your website – especially now that Google’s Optimize is now out of beta and available to all – and for free.

According to Google, “over 250,000 users” requested an Optimize account while the tool was in beta, prompting Google to make the testing and personalisation tool available to all for free.

In Google’s blog post, they state that “A recent survey showed 45% of small and medium businesses don’t optimize their websites through A/B testing. The two most common reasons given were a “lack of employee resources” and “lack of knowledge to get started.”” Well now there’s an easy to set up and use solution, which is also cost effective as it contains many of the same features as the enterprise/pro-level Optimize 360.

While advanced users can edit raw HTML and add JavaScript or CSS rules directly within the editor tool, those that aren’t quite as advanced can also edit and change pretty much anything on a page just by dragging and dropping.


If you want to enhance your site, grow your conversions, and test and try new things in a quick and easy way, there are few better options that Optimize. Tests are easy to set up and implement, as are the targeting options (so the right set of users see the right content). And then there’s the calculated results and reporting which are accurate and easy to understand – making it that much easier to decide whether a test was successful or not, and helping you to decide which optimisations to implement.

Give it a try now by signing up over on the Google Optimize page.