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Google has been rolling out a number of enhancements and updates to its’ Chrome browser recently, but one tool that web designers and analysts may be keen to try out is the new Data Saver extension. Mira has some more details.

“There’s a lot of testing and analysis tools out there to test the performance of websites, but Google’s new consumer-focused Data Saver extension for Chrome may also be able to give you some quick wins.

The extension runs in the background of the desktop version of Chrome (and is also available on Android devices), and helps to reduce the data used to render a page by utilising Google’s own servers to optimise the pages that you visit.

While this is consumer-facing tool, it can also be utilised by developers, testers and analysts to get a quick idea of how their own site/pages, or those that they’re testing, actually run on real-world hardware and browsers.

When the extension is running it will give real-time feedback on data that it is saving, including a high-level usage/saving breakdown and a more detailed breakdown page, including tracking over time periods and data saved on specific sites. This can help identify data usage issues over time or when testing, allowing for more thorough analysis to take place and to pinpoint the potential issue.

More information on this, and other recent Chrome updates, can be found on the Google Chrome blog .”


Image credit: Google via Google App Store