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We’ve had a number of updates and tips about Google and Google Search so far in 2016, and today we have another. ‘Google Posts’ is currently being tested – Emil has more details.

Google Posts (as it’s currently being called – Google have yet to officially name the feature) is currently being tested amongst US presidential candidates as well as a selected number of verified people and businesses.

Posts essentially allows you post an update directly in to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), giving real-time updates in a Twitter-like stream of condensed text and image based posts.


A business listing was first spotted by Mike Blumenthal recently when his search for engagement rings provided the above result – a carousel, or stream, of updates from Andrew Jewelers, with each update leading through to a dedicated full-screen page with text and photo updates.

This opens up new display possibilities to marketers and businesses. Instead of a simple text-based ad on SERP (along-side other business ads), a more visual and engaging space can now be used and can offer the possibility of showing new products, flash sales, updates, etc, or even the ability to tell a ‘story’ with the images on show.

As well as the initial visitor engagement, there is also a prominent ‘share’ icon on each post/update, allowing for the visitor to quickly and easily share the content of a post via most social channels, leading to the possibility of further engagement.

You can check out the official site for Posts here , and we’ll bring you more updates as we hear more about the feature.”

Image credit: The Verge