Google is constantly adding to the ways in which you can advertise to your audience, and, this week, it announced some new video features for shopping. Emil has the details.

“While not yet available in Finland, new video formats for AdWordsTrueView for Shopping and Shopping ads on YouTube – are now generally available.

With TrueView for Shopping, interactive video ads can be targeted at specific audiences, including at people who have visited your site or watched one of your videos on YouTube. The ads contain an actionable shopping card – displayed on the right-hand side of the video – and can contain specific product and pricing details. These cards can act as a bridge to a purchase.

The other format, Shopping ads on YouTube, allows you to overlay shopping cards on top of product videos on YouTube, which is owned by Google. If a user is researching a certain product, they can click a small button at the top of the video window and will see the associated product cards with specific product and pricing information. Clicking a card will take the user to your purchasing page.

If you’re advertising in markets where these new features are available, give them a try. If they’re not yet available in your location, keep your eyes peeled for further roll-outs.”