If you’re about to run an internal campaign on a website you’ll want to check out Mira’s top tips on setting it.

“If you’ve ever set up a campaign to track with GA, you’ll probably have encountered UTM parameters. While these work perfectly for external campaigns, they should never be used for internal campaigns!

Using UTM parameters on internal campaigns will cause issues with your data, such as the breaking of sessions, and will lead to highly inaccurate reporting.

When setting up an internal campaign you can use any other parameter of your choice – as long as it’s not ‘UTM’. For example, you could use ‘oct’ – onsite campaign test – or any other naming convention and acronym you like which you can remember (as long as it doesn’t already exist) – when using either internal or external campaign tracking, I’d always recommend logging which parameters and naming conventions have been used anyway, just so you can keep track of everything and ensure nothing is duplicated.

Tag your links and ads accordingly – as you would with an external campaign – but ensuring you use your own parameters, and now when you come to view your data in GA, you’ll be able to sort the campaign data by filtering that contains your parameters.”

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