Henry spends a lot of his time building and providing reporting suites for a number of clients and business areas across the globe. Today he’s going to give you some of his top tips to help you get the most from the reports you produce.

“Every person in a business has a different need when it comes to data and reporting that is going to be put in front of them. When I’m setting up a reporting process the first thing I do is get to know my stakeholders and understand their individual requirements – what’s informative and insightful to one person, can be too detailed and confusing for another.

Try to spend time looking at the end-users’ roles and responsibilities – this can help you identify what’s potentially useful for them. As a general rule, the likes of a CEO will want a high-level, glanceable, one page/screen summary. Whereas an operations manager or key account manager will want that same data, but drilled down to a much lower level so that they can really identify exactly what’s happening within the business and why.

Another thing which I have always found useful, is learn to say ‘no’. People will inherently just want, and ask for, as much data as possible, but this is rarely the best option. If you feel that someone is asking for too much data, or a report that’s not applicable to their role, ask for their rationale. Be prepared to challenge their request with a clear response if you do not feel their request is justified or if it is out of scope for what you’re meant to be delivering.”

If you produce data or reports, or would like to know how to get more from the reports you receive, feel free to get in touch and we’ll try to help you out.

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