If you’ve seen a decrease in your reach on Facebook over the course of this year, there could be a very simple reason and solution. I’m going to tell you a bit more below…

“Just like Google’s Search, Facebook is constantly tweaking its News Feed algorithm. This algorithm dictates what users do and don’t see in their News Feed depending on their own preferences – publishers and content they’ve liked and shared, time spent on posts/videos, links opened and time spent in them, who you’ve interacted with, etc.

Facebook’s main aim is to keep users on Facebook as long as possible, therefore increasing the number of ads and sponsored posts they see, and increasing ad revenue for Facebook. Advertisers have a myriad of 3rd party tools available to help automate posting to multiple social network platforms. But over the last year or so, we’ve seen Facebook make changes to keep not only users on the site, but also the advertisers.

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changes now seem to give less reach to posts that have been made with 3rd party social/posting tools. While this change, just like Google’s Search algorithm updates, hasn’t been officially announced, it can be seen in practice for those that run Facebook pages – myself included.

Ezy Insights’  media data specialist, Steve El-Sharawy, tells me ‘While it’s not been officially announced, we estimate you lose up to a third of your potential reach by using 3rd party posting tools. Every publisher I personally know relies on reach and actively avoids using 3rd party posting tools for this reason.’

So, if you’re reliant on Facebook bring your site or campaigns traffic, try posting directly within Facebook itself and see if this helps to increase your reach – of course, this will vary depending of audience preferences and engagement. Even here at Quru, we’ve recently begun doing this and it only adds a minute or so to our publishing process. One minute of work to potentially save and reclaim a third of your reach is a no-brainer in my opinion.”

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