We’ve previously talked about the lead generation tool, Leadfeeder, which can help increase lead conversions and sales, but today Steve has another option for us – an especially good one if you’re an Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst) user.

While Leadfeeder integrates and works well with Google Analytics, it doesn’t work quite so well with Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture). That’s where Demandbase comes in.

Demandbase integrates with Adobe Analytics, and helps provide valuable detail around who is visiting your site and what they’re doing, enabling you to identify potential sales and support leads.

From a sales perspective, Adobe Analytics with a Demandbase integration can then feed data in to other sales tools (such as Salesforce & Sales Navigator). This allows you to follow up with companies that are visiting your site. From the data in Adobe Analytics you can also identify and follow anonymised individuals, giving you a real insight into what specific companies are doing or looking for on your site – this in turn can be used to create targeted sales leads.

You can also use Demandbase to assist with support issues. For example, you may notice that a client is visiting your site and that they’re looking at support and FAQ pages (You can even set up alerts to notify you of this kind of visitor behaviour). This could indicate that they have a problem and are looking for information on how to resolve an issue. This information can be passed on to your support team who can contact the client directly and proactively manage the query and resolve it.

Adobe Analytics also has an abundance of other tools, including performance management, analytics and advertising specifically aimed at the enterprise level. If you use Adobe Analytics I highly recommend you check Demandbase out.”

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