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Following a testing period dating back to November last year, Instagram is now beginning to roll out Shopping Tags to more businesses – making the whole advertising and shopping process better for both marketers and shoppers alike.

Products featured within Instagram posts can now be tagged with a name and price, allowing users to then click-through to a detailed product description, further images and items, and a link to buy the item. Posts with product tags will have a “Tap to view products” notification placed on the bottom-left of the screen and, once pressed, the tags will show on-screen with their associated products.

This is a super simple way of adding additional key information for users in an easy to use and non-intrusive way. No more having to type out all of the details in the image text field and having non-clickable links or having to direct people to a URL in the profile.

The feature is now being rolled out to further US businesses that sell apparel, jewellery or beauty products in the coming weeks. And, as a business, the tagging process itself is fairly simple with Instagram saying that “Once a business has a product catalogue connected to their account, tagging a product is as simple as tagging a person in a post.”

Setting up your image and tagging:

Placing your tag:

To use this feature, a product catalogue first needs to be uploaded via Facebook Business manager, but once done, you’re good to go! Instagram also notes that they’ll soon be adding additional data insights to their business analytics to show brands “how many people tapped to see more product details or clicked on “shop now” on their product tags”.

All the details about Shopping Tags can be found here, as well as a guide here.