Facebook-owned Instagram continues its growth of active advertisers, as well as working on some new features that it hopes to roll out to businesses soon.

From just over 200,000 active advertisers just over a year ago, to 500,000 in September of 2016, Instagram now boasts 1 million monthly active advertisers.

In a discussion with TechCrunch, the head Instagram’s ad business, James Quarles, points out that he doesn’t just think this is down to Instagram’s own user-base growth, but also how the platform itself stands out to users and advertisers alike in a number of key areas.

80% of Instagram users follow at least one business, with the platform being a place where people follow their passions, be it “a very mainstream thing like following their favourite musician, or a niche business like candy art” says Quarles.

There’s also the “ease and simplicity” of using Instagram itself, with Quarles stating, “It only takes four taps to place and ad on a business profile.” And finally, Instagram is trying to “produce visible action” – so not just getting likes and follows, but actually driving users to a website or getting them to convert and purchase a product or service.

A couple of new features include adding additional insights in to multi-image posts and Instagram Stories.  And, in addition to this, businesses will soon be able to add a new button to their profile allowing users to make a booking or appointment directly through Instagram – a great addition for any business that showcases their products or services on Instagram and uses some kind of booking/reservation system, such as restaurants, opticians and such-like.

Source: TechCrunch