Facebook continues to try and monetise the heck out of all its tools, properties and platforms, this time making ads available to all businesses on Instagram’s Snapchat-cloned Stories feature.

With an already large user base, uptake of Instagram stories has rocketed quickly, with approximately 150m daily active users compared to Snapchat’s latest figures of 161m daily active users .

Stories ads have been available to a select number of businesses since January, but the ability to create and insert full-screen ads between Stories from those you follow is now available to all businesses using Instagram across the globe.

Stories ads will be sold on a CPM basis, and will support objectives for website clicks, website conversions, and mobile app installs in the near future .

Businesses can access, create and run ads through the Marketing API, Power Editor and Ads Manager, allowing businesses to optimise and maximise reach to the right audience and control how often their selected audience sees the ad(s).

With the continued increase in usage of Stories, there’s certainly potential for businesses with the right 10-15 second content – especially with about 70% of Instagram users following at least one business. But with a lot of users skipping such ads, such as Snapchat ads, high-quality content, targeted at exactly the right audience will be crucial for advertisers.

To learn more about Instagram Stories ads and how to begin creating them, head over to the Instagram/Facebook support page here.