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Pinterest has recently been making some headway in terms of broadening its platform capabilities on the web and on devices, but it seems that as soon as it takes a couple of steps forward, one of the other big social platforms is there to “replicate” some key functionality and pull it back a step or two.

Not content with ripping off just Snapchat, Instagram is now going after Pinterest with its new Collections feature.

Back in December 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature allowing users to privately save posts for later viewing. With Instagram stating that 46% of its users have saved at least one post since the feature was introduced, it’s decided to now allow users to group their saved images together in to ‘Collections’ making saved posts easier to sort, manage and find at a later date.

Just like Pinterest, you can now group images however you like. For example, you could put all your favourite food images in to a Collection, and then all your favourite landscapes in another. You can group images by colour, location, inspiration, subject, composition – whatever your preference is.

Collections will be private, so there’s currently no monetisation strategy from Instagram’s side, but if you’re using Instagram as a platform to showcase your products/services, or using sponsored posts, this will give users an even easier way to save your content and come back to it later.

The new feature will be rolling out globally on Android and iOS as part of Instagram’s v 10.16 update.

Image credit: Instagram blog