Some big updates are coming to Instagram – some which users and marketers alike have been asking for for some time now. Here are some more details.

“In the coming days and weeks, Instagram will roll out two long-awaited updates to its app and platform. The first is the ability to manage and switch between multiple accounts within the Instagram app, and the second is 60 second videos for advertisers.

The ability to add, manage and switch between multiple accounts will not only help the average user, but also marketers who manage multiple accounts for different clients or brands – helping to streamline their workflow and not have to log out and in each time they want to access or post from a different account. Note: This update was pushed to myself, in Finland, last night (16th February) via the App Store.


15 second videos are currently offered to marketers, but coming soon will be the ability to produce 60 second ad videos for targeted users to see. This is going to allow more choice and creativity from advertisers when creating their message to their prospective customers, with Instagram recently telling TechCrunch ‘We recognise that advertisers have a variety of creative resources and want to bring more choice to help them reach their business goals.

60 second videos have been tested by Warner Bros when creating a trailer for the movie How To Be Single, as well as T-Mobile who created an extended version of their recent Super Bowl ad spot with Drake. Look out for them (hopefully) in the near future.”

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