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Last week, Google announced more weapons in its advertising arsenal – Trial Run Ads and Interactive Interstitials for apps. While these are in beta at the moment, we may see them roll out further in future. Emil has some more information.

Immersing your potential customer and giving them a real feel for your app is key to getting them to convert and to install the app. This can be difficult when just showing them an image or short demo/promo video.

Trial Run Ads now let a user play a game for up to 60 seconds by streaming the content within an ad before actually downloading anything. Users can get to actually try the game before downloading, making them more likely to then launch and use the app as they’ve already enjoyed the short playable demo and committed to downloading.

Trial Run Ads will provide:

  • Ultra-immersive and delightful ads designed for games
  • The opportunity for gamers to trial before download
  • More relevant ad clicks, app downloads, and pre-qualified app users

Another new ad format is Interactive Interstitial ads. These are HTML5 ads which offer a completely customised user experience which is tailored to each advertiser’s own app. By using HTML5, advertisers can pull in data dynamically – such as new products, special offers or popular/trending content – all while designed and formatted in accordance with your own brand strategy.

Standard templates can be customised as much or as little as required, including live app content, numerous layout and interaction options, as well as the ability to A/B test creatives and CTAs.

Interactive Interstitials can provide:

  • A good looking and flexible canvas for advertisers, enabling true creativity
  • Unique testing and optimisation opportunities
  • The ability to bring a small part of the app experience to the user before download
  • Unique brand building possibilities

Photo credit: Google AdWords Blogspot